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Vinex Mission & Vision


Vinex since 66 years have worked on different categories of Sports with over 3600+ products, which are manufactured under one factory, which is the largest in the world that company might be manufacturing till date under one roof. The company have a vast manufacturing experience with knowledge of wide grade of available raw-materials. This is the reason Vinex has no comparison for its quality commitments & deliverances. We test each and every product at Bhalla International for the REACH, CE, CPSIA & ASTM standards time to time, so as to make sure that the product meets all the latest standards and norms of the importing country to offer our customers trouble free trade.


Vinex VisionOur vision is to be world-class sporting goods manufacturing company and the most trusted provider and supplier of sporting and fitness equipments that help our customers and businesses to achieve their goals. We will accomplish our goal through our commitment to outstanding services. We are focused on becoming the recognized global leader in the area of sporting goods manufacturing by offering maximum products with supreme quality under one roof.


Vinex MissionOur mission is to be world-class sporting goods manufacturing company by developing and delivering innovative products and extraordinary services through exceptional employees and being a preferred employer. We are highly committed to ensure the best customer satisfaction by doing our level best.


Vinex Values
  • Ensuring the best customer satisfaction
  • Fulfilling our role as a good corporate citizen
  • Treating everyone with respect
  • Delivering superior quality products and services
  • Conduct over selves with integrity and live our company values
  • Focus on operating excellence
  • Act with speed
  • Communication openly
  • Taking responsibility for quality
  • Being preferred employer